Fitkat; A health wearable to help you track your steps, calories and water intake

By Nixon Kanali, Nairobi

If you love wearable devices and also keen on watching your fitness then Fitkat is something you should consider getting. The health wearable is an activity tracker that can track your steps, calories, water intake and even remind you when you are supposed to take your pill.


The wearable will now make it possible for you to track your daily physical activity and review your stats with just a quick glance at your wrist

Currently, it is the only smart band that aims to improve its users health, while at the same time keeping them connected to those who are closest to you in the form of receiving emails, calls, Social networking notifications

Fitkat is also an SOS ( emergency) device that broadcasts your location to your pre-selected contact in case of an emergency. This means, with the SOS feature, the device will send an SMS to your coach, wife or husband when you are in trouble and even giving them your location.

With the Smart Coach Feature Fitkat will also allow you to post and view training methods on its App. It will guide constantly be learning about you, your current fitness level, and your future needs, just like your personal fitness trainer would have done thereby helping you reach your fitness goals.

”Our product is very unique and we feel with health and safety combined, this is a great product for for the market” Fitkat CEO Chirag Jagtiani said.

”We definitely think that everyone needs a Fitkat. It is an all in one device that motivates you to keep fit, helps you to stay connected and inform your friends and family in case of an emergency and the device plus the app makes you interact with smart coaches and guardians” he added.

Fitkat will connect to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. The company however says the  “Fitkat” App will be available to download in April.

The market price is USD.70.






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  1. Every morning I walked 2k with Fitkat activity tracker. Because, fitkat gives me an accurate result of my walked steps. Thanks Fitkat for stay with me.

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