Safaricom’s AI Chatbot Zuri Brings A One-Stop Support Desk On WhatsApp

Safaricom’s AI Chatbot Zuri is a hell of a kind. The telco is the only one in the country with such a service that brings convenience to its customers.

Zuri was released in December 2018, first available on Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Recently, the telco availed the chatbot on WhatsApp, as well.

Henceforth, Zuri can now be able to serve even more customers, especially on WhatsApp and Facebook, the two most popular social apps in the country.  To the end consumer, Zuri’s availability on these three platforms means it’s even easier to get support without having to call the telco’s support team.

Zuri can do as much as you would do on from your SIM card directly. Plus, the chatbot can also help in troubleshooting the most common problems people run into with Safaricom daily.

All this can be done hassle-free. Safaricom Zuri can help with M-PESA reversals, retrieving PUK, managing subscription services, topping up, data bundle purchase, checking airtime, data, and M-PESA balance; and managing Safaricom Home Fibre service.

Besides, Zuri comes with an additional Brain Teaser functionality, which is a trickster game that can help you decongest your mind while taking a break from work, for example.

Services Available on Safaricom Zuri AI Chatbot

  1. M-PESA services

Zuri can help you perform several M-PESA related services. These include checking M-PESA balance, charges, managing Bills, reversals, accessing statements, and Daraja, the payment API. A quick intro on the M-PESA API, this is a gateway that enables merchants to bridge the gap between their apps or websites and the payment service. You can learn more about it here.

2. Subscription Management

The management of subscription services is also available on Zuri. Users can be able to stop those troubling promotional messages and even chargeable ones. You can also delete your Skiza tunes using this option. There’s a one-switch delete all button that can help get rid of all the Skiza tunes you’ve committed to.

3. PUK Retrieval

Safaricom Zuri can also help you retrieve your PUK when you need to get back into your SIM card or help a colleague who has, unfortunately, blocked theirs. The PUK retrieval process is made easy, only requesting the phone number to be reset and the ID number used to register that SIM card.

4. Data Bundle Purchase

With Zuri, the whole process of purchasing data bundles is also streamlined. You can buy the No Expiry data bundles or the regular data bundles with expiry dates.

5. Airtime Topup

Zuri comes handy when you need to top up your number as well. She provides two ways to top-up; either via scratch card or M-PESA.

6. Check Balance

Instead of having to grasp the USSD codes, Zuri streamlines the whole process for you. Zuri provides both M-PESA and Airtime balance under one menu. The Airtime option, however, provides an all-rounded update on data, minutes, SMS, Bonga points, and, well… Airtime.

7. Usage Statements

This option gives you an overview of your usage stats on your Safaricom number. You can view usage statements of the last ten records or the previous three months.  Usage stats give you a summary in different aspects, including SMS, calls, and data. These are, additionally, aggregated so you can request a comprehensive usage report on either all the three or individually.

8. Managing your Home Fibre Account  

For Safaricom’s FTH users, Zuri provides an easy alternative for changing your WIFI password, renewing your current plan, or even changing the subscription plan. Zuri doesn’t help you change your WIFI name, however, so keep that in mind.

How to Activate Zuri on WhatsApp

The simple way to access Zuri on WhatsApp is by using this link ( ). The long way there is by saving Safaricom’s customer care number(0722000100) on your phone’s contact list.

After that, open chat and type ‘Hi Zuri.’

Advantages of using Safaricom Zuri

  1. Convenience

Safaricom Zuri is fast and reliable. Instead of going the usual way of calling Safaricom’s customer care, the telco’s AI chatbot makes it easy to access various services without a struggle. Some services like M-PESA reversal, for example, need urgency, and you don’t want to try and use the traditional way to contact the customer support team when Zuri is at your disposal.

2. Instant Access

Unlike calling the customer support team, Zuri offers instant support. The chatbot is available to serve you 24/7, 365. It responds almost instantaneously before you wrap up, taking a breath when you sent hit that sent button.

3. Secure

Safaricom Zuri is secure. The chatbot will send you One-Time-Password (OTP) every time you want to perform an action either from Telegram, Messenger of WhatsApp. This ensures that even if someone hacks your social media account, they cannot be able to tamper with your SIM card.

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