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The #Belfie Stick Lets You Easily Take Pictures of Your Butt



Forget about the Selfie, not we have  belfie (that’s a selfie of your butt)  and a photo-based social networking site has now introduced the Belfie Stick, a contraption designed to make it easier for butt-pic fans to take pics of their butt.

According to an article published on Yahoo,  ”The Belfie Stick, which unlike regular selfie sticks features a hinge halfway along allowing for easy angle adjustment, lets you get your smartphone in exactly the right position without the need of a mirror and without having to bend or twist in a way that could conceivably result in hospitalization”.


Once you and well, your butt are in the perfect position, all you will need to do is simply press the button on the end of the stick and guess what  – you will have a fantastic shot of  of your butt, ready for sharing on social media sites.

You want one? you can pre-order it here for only $80.

Source: Yahoo


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