US Government Urges Federal Court to Dismiss Huawei Lawsuit

Trump’s visit to the G-20 Summit held in Japan was kind of a relief to Huawei that allowed the company to be supplied with high tech equipment from US-based companies.

However, the issue is all messed up lately with Huawei in crossroads on what will happen next and most importantly, which companies will be allowed to resume supplies.

The lawsuit in question was filed by the Chinese tech giant in March was against the decision of the United States government blacklisting its products. According to the lawsuit, the move of banning US federal agencies from buying products from Huawei was unconstitutional by “singling out an individual or group for punishment without trial.”

On Wednesday the Texas lawyers challenged the company’s claims terming the move as constitutional punishment and was the “logical next move” to protect the country and ensure China isn’t given “a strategic foothold” in the US networks.

Besides the lawyers also argued that the law “does not sentence Huawei to death, imprison it, or confiscate its property.” and it neither “plainly does not preclude Huawei from engaging in its chosen profession.”

The court also impugned Huawei’s argument in the lawsuit as outdated from the “Civil War and Cold War eras.” Further stating the company’s equipment has been under question for over a decade.

Huawei has not provided an official statement on the matter but we will keep you updated when more news trickles down on the matter.

Huawei had also filed a separate lawsuit in May against the United States government Commerce Department for the inclusion of the company in their so-called Entity list that banned Huawei from dealing with any US-based company. The case is still underway, and its first sitting will happen in September this year.

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