Ethiopia is Leading African Nations in Regulating Crypto

Most governments across Africa have sounded a warning against cryptocurrencies, even though the wave of digital currencies seems unstoppable. Only the Central African Republic (CAR) has fully backed cryptocurrency by including it as part of its legal tender.

Like many other parts of the globe, across Africa, painful tales of scams perpetrated through cryptocurrencies abound. The industry which is still taking its baby steps is littered with regulatory challenges, leading many African countries to impose a blanket ban on crypto trading.

Ethiopia has taken a different path. The country’s Central Bank has issued a directive ordering all cryptocurrency operators to register with the Information Network Security Administration (INSA) which is the national cybersecurity agency. The directive gave operators a 10-day window to comply.

This decision seems to reverse a statement issued by the Central Bank in June, terming crypto business in the country as illegal. The new move signals the government’s readiness to proactively engage in the development of the cryptocurrency industry while protecting its citizens from crypto-related crimes.

“There is interest among individuals and entities in providing crypto services including mining and transfer,” INSA said, warning traders who fail to comply that they would be prosecuted.

Ethiopia’s change of heart brings it to the same table as countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Egypt, where crypto trading thrives, albeit without clear guidelines.

With an estimated 1.8 million people trading in Bitcoin, the country ranks seventh among nations with the highest holding capacity in Africa.

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