Nigeria’s Fidia has created a crowdfunding platform for African content creators

For any content creator, getting their work seen and appreciated by the public is the first important step to success.  Many talents go unnoticed, undiscovered and unrecognized as long as their stars remain hidden in a space with little or no exposure at all.

A Nigerian startup called Fidia wants to change the content creation landscape in Africa by offering a platform for education, funding and other forms of support.

Fidia, a startup founded by three Nigerian creators from different backgrounds aims to spur economic empowerment among African content creators by allowing them to incorporate a business/funding model in their work.

The three co-founders Soliudeen Ogunsola, Gbadebo Bello, and Ajibola Akelebe bring to the table diverse experiences that have helped to elevate their noble idea.

Soliudeen is a product designer, Bello is a software engineer while Akelebe is a visual creative brand designer.

The Fidia platform provides creators with tools that help them to showcase, grow and monetize their work. The most unique feature of their platform is a payment link that gives users an opportunity to receive support from fans around the globe.

Users create a profile on the easy-to-use self-service platform and customize it with a username, bio description and a profile picture. From this account, you are able to monitor payments and other important metrics.

The startup brings crowdfunding possibilities to African creatives. Crowdfunding isn’t very popular in Africa although such platforms for creators are plenty and popular around the world.  Ultimately, an African-centered crowdfunding platform has the potential to positively impact the creative space.

Fidia is currently available in Nigeria but plans are underway to roll it out to other countries in the continent.

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