Jiji Online Market Place Kenya new security measures to protect its users in a bid to dominate Kenya’s e-commerce space

Jiji says it has a range of security measures and checks aimed at making our platform uncompromising for any scammers

If you were a frequent user of OLX Kenya a few years ago,  you probably already know that the e-commerce platform rebranded to Jiji Online Market Place Kenya.

The online marketplace with operations in over 45+ countries effectively became Jiji on June 20th, 2019 to usher in a new era of online business.

‘’Ever since OLX became, Kenyans have all been in one voice on the many benefits they have derived from conducting their business on the platform. It is no surprise that Jiji has grown to become the No. 1 online marketplace in Kenya with millions of monthly visitors and hundreds of thousands of products listed’’ Maksym Golubev, Country Manager of JIJI Online Market Place Kenya says. 

What does buying and selling on Jiji has to offer to users? Well, as a seller,  you enjoy wide visibility and patronage, no commissions off items sold, personal relationships with buyers, the economics of agglomeration, instant retrieval of cash and a lot more.

Buyers on their part get to enjoy low prices, a wide assortment, instant gratification, safety and security and bargaining opportunities amongst others. 

Again, you remember OLX had so many negative reviews – from users being scammed among other things. Has this changed since the buyout by JIJI Online Market Place Kenya?

‘’Unfortunately, there are a few bad eggs with ulterior motives who try to get on Jiji to scam people. Their activities undermine the efforts of the many enterprising and hard-working Kenyan’s using Jiji as a platform to grow their business through honest means.’’ Golubev says.

Jiji, however, says it has a range of security measures and checks aimed at making our platform uncompromising for any scammers. ‘’We do not relent in our efforts to provide a safe and secure online platform where buyers and sellers can find each other, interact and get together to complete a hitch-free transaction,’’ goes on the Country Manager.

Some of these security measures include moderating ads before they’re allowed on the platform, and fraud detection using artificial intelligence (AI). 

The Jiji website is equipped with artificial intelligence and an algorithm able to monitor user behaviour and detect suspicious ads, users and automatically blocking them. 

Jiji says it does additional checks and confirmation when users change important settings in their user profile including passwords. 

The platform also has a team of professionals who make use of automated and human methods customer complaints on different sites and forums as well as banning pre-payments.

‘’Buyers are informed to never pay before purchase and sellers are warned not to ask for any prepayments before delivery or they risk being banned! You can discuss the cost of delivery, but you can pay for the product only AFTER delivery is done. In a nutshell, Jiji instructs every user to operate on a ‘Pay on delivery’ model.’’

The company says it keeps a close relationship and collaborates with the Kenyan police in investigations relating to scam activities. This is in a bid to bring perpetrators to book and to help victims with resolutions.  

Jiji Online Market Place Kenya says it takes the safety of users as a top priority, and it is this stance that has made it become very popular among buyers and sellers.

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