Zuku Reclaims Top Spot As The Largest Fixed Data Provider In Kenya Surpassing Safaricom

Wanachi-owned Zuku has reclaimed its top spot as the country’s largest fibre internet provider, according to latest Sector Statistics report from the Communications Authority of Kenya.

The report reveals that Zuku grew its subscription numbers from a total of 151,548 subscriptions in the last quarter to 175,433, an increase of 23,885 connections.

Safaricom, the leading telco in the country, dropped to the second position in the period under review.

Safaricom currently holds a total of 165,810 fixed broadband connections, which is an increase from the previous quarter by just 11, 207 — barely half of Zuku’s additional numbers. Consequently, Safaricom’s market share in the broadband market dropped to 33.1 percent, from 34.0 percent in the previous quarter.

Wananchi Group (Kenya) Ltd which owns Zuku, as well as Wananchi Telecom and Simbanet, is now the leading provider in the country with a 35.0 percent market share.

Jamii Telecommunications Ltd maintained its third position, and ended the quarter with 78,149 subscriptions, up by 11577 in the entire quarter. JTL now controls 15.6 percent of the market, a 1 percent pump from the previous quarter.

The entire market saw an increase in fibre connections, with the CAK terming it as “the highest number of broadband subscriptions.” The total number of fixed data subscriptions now stands at 500,888.

Here’s how the whole market looks like:

Number of data/internet subscriptions Percentage Market share
Wananchi Group (Kenya) Ltd* 175,433 35.0
Safaricom PLC 165,810 33.1
JTL 78,149 15.6
Poa Internet 45,577 9.1
Mawingu Networks 10,390 2.1
Liquid Telcom Kenya 9,444 1.9
Internet Solutions 8,877 1.8
Telkom Kenya 4,400 0.9
Frontier Optical 558 0.1
Others 2,250 0.4

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