Facebook Promises To Improve User Data Security After Several Breaches

Facebook has promised that they will improve their security protocol to ensure user data is safe, after several breaches. The company’s pledge recently surfaced as they seek to resolve a lawsuit concerning a 2018 data breach that affected 29 million Facebook accounts.

The social media giant had been sued in a class-action suit last Friday in a US-based federal court in San Francisco. In the lawsuit, the company was accused of negligently letting hackers exploit software bugs that could help them gain access to user accounts.

In its defence, Facebook said the attack under question originates from “unknown and unforeseeable vulnerabilities.”

As part of resolving the issue, Facebook vowed to treat user account security with more care. They promised to check more frequently access points that may be used to breach data like access tokens, and key cards, among other measures.

A Decade of Hacks

Among the top ten hacks of the 2010s, you won’t miss at least one of the social media giant, Facebook. Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal has remained in the limelight till April 2019.

Although the breach happened in April 2018, millions of Facebook records were still found on unprotected cloud servers a year later. This was one of the biggest hacks of the decade. However, to Facebook, it was just one of the many scandals to come in the future on how it handles user data. The company was fined a never-been-seen before fine of $5 Billion by the FTC to resolve the matter.

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