HD photos and a bunch of other features coming to Facebook Messenger

Facebook is finally rolling out support for HD photos in Messenger. The Meta-owned platform announced on Tuesday that users will now be able to send clearer, crisper photos in their chats by simply turning on the HD toggle on the app.

If you’re a frequent user of Facebook Messenger, you know the app tends to decompress images you send to someone.  This has always affected the quality of the photos. 

This new update Facebook said will now make your Messenger conversations and connections even better.

To send an HD photo in Facebook Messenger, select an image from your chat composer, then turn the HD toggle on and tap Send. You can also tap on additional photos to send multiple in HD, then tap Send.

Shared Albums also coming to Messenger

At the same time, Facebook has also announced that it will now allow users to create shared albums on Facebook Messenger. 

‘’From chats about a recent spring break trip, to your grandma’s 80th birthday celebration, you can now create an album of photos and videos to share, organize and reminisce over the best memories and moments,‘’ it said.

From there, everyone in the chat can view, add, delete and download pictures and videos from the album. 

To locate the album at any time, simply tap on your group chat name then tap Media. 

To create a new album in a group chat, Select multiple photos from your chat composer, and tap Create Album. You can also long-press a photo in the chat and tap Create Album. 

To add to an existing album, just tap Add to Album. You can also rename the Album by simply tapping Album, then tapping the three-dot menu, tap Edit Name and typing the new album name.

Add people to Messenger by simply scanning their QR code

Another new feature coming to Messenger is the ability to add people to Messenger by scanning their QR code. 

What this means is that you now won’t need to type out someone’s name or number to add them on Messenger – you can easily connect with folks by scanning their Messenger QR code or sharing yours via a link. 

The last feature rolling out in Messenger is the ability to send files up to 100MB right from your phone.

When you’re in a Messenger chat, tap the + button and then select a file up to 100MB. Facebook says all major file formats are supported, including Word, PDF and Excel.

These features will be rolling out over the coming weeks.

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