Strangers Might Have Downloaded Your Private Videos On Google Photos, Google Warns

Cloud storage services are a must have service in this time and age. Many people rely on these services to store their files including photos, videos and even documents.

In a rare occurrence, Google has warned that a bug in one of its cloud storage services may have caused the company to share your private videos with strangers.

The mishap allegedly happened between November 21 and November 25 last year. According to the company, users who exported their date using Google Takeout between the said dates “may have received either an incomplete archive or videos — not photos — that were not theirs.”

A quick primer, Google Takeout is an app from Google that enables users to download their user data from the company’s portfolio of apps – including Google Photos, Drive, Hangouts, YouTube, etc. You might want to export your data to maybe create a backup or for uploading it on another cloud service provider.

The company has already fixed the issue, according to a Google spokesperson.

“We fixed the underlying issue and have conducted an in-depth analysis to help prevent this from ever happening again. We are very sorry this happened,” said a Google spokesperson in response to 9To5Google.

News of this kind raises eyebrows on the security of your data in the cloud. Many companies have embraced cloud storage technology, and, if not, they already have that in their plans.

To bolster the security of your private data in the cloud, it is often recommended to first encrypt it, but that often hurts convenience. So, make your choices right.

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