Huawei Petal Search Engine Gets a Massive Upgrade

Huawei Petal Search engine is getting a massive upgrade, improving important aspects of the app. The new updates makes the search engine a more intuitive and result-oriented app, delivering better user experiences while searching for games, apps, etc.

The upgrade ranges from the design to utility features like Auto-suggestion. Starting with the former, the latest version of Petal Search, V11.0.1, sports a new intuitive design optimized for mobile through a URL bar-initiated search. It also allows users to navigate to previous search pages easily.

Auto-suggestion is also revamped through easier recommendations, and more of this information is now displayed for easier scanning.

In-app push notifications, which Huawei uses to provide its users with more information about the brand, including offers, have also been updated. Improvements in in-app push notifications tag along with a new internal message feature that adds an extra personal touch to notifications allowing users to receive messages regarding announcements and the brand’s promotions.

Petal Assistant, Huawei’s answer to Google Assistant, has been improved by adding extra cards. Some of the new cards include ‘My Day,’ which highlights a user’s daily activities. ‘Moments’ is another personalized card that provides users with a glance at their personal interests.

Petal Search is also getting search optimization improvement capabilities. Course Box and Football Player Box are also part of the update, with the two optimized to provide more context to searches related to professional courses and football players, respectively.

Huawei Petal Search also brings a Shopping and Travel Center. Shopping Center is described as a business platform for e-commerce partners to upload and manage product data. This feature will enable Huawei partners to “efficiently manage products, build a campaign and push product data to the advertising.”

On the other hand, Travel Center will help commercial partners upload and manage their hotel feeds, pricing, and optimizing and managing data feeds for Huawei Hotel Ads. It also offers real-time data monitoring and a daily data report to track performance, the company says.

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