Huawei Has Sold 37 Million Units of The P30 And Mate 20 Devices

There is a reason why Huawei has been so much vocal about its business performance. Whatever it is, it must be in line with the US ban. So far, Huawei revealed it has sold over 200 million smartphone units in 2019, which is roughly 600,000 smartphones a day.

Surprisingly, this number is almost equal to what Sony shipped in an entire quarter in Q3.

Huawei recently announced that they have sold over 17 million Mate 20 smartphones while the P30 lineup has hit the 20 million units milestone.

It is not the first time the company revealed the sales numbers for the P30 and the Mate 20 series. In September at the Mate 30 launch, Huawei said they had sold over 16 million Mate 20 devices and almost 17 million P30 smartphones.

This means about 3 million units of the Huawei P30 series and 1 million Mate 20 devices have been shipped in the past month and a half.

No word has been said about the Mate 30 devices, but the company had said over 1 million devices were sold in China, the first day of opening the sale in just 3 hours.

All that is known as per now is that Mate 30 series exceeded the firm’s P30 series by six-times in terms of pre-sales volume.

Huawei has targeted to ship over 30 million devices, but the company has not shed light on sales performance so far, since expanding into a few select markets outside China.

Featured Image/ Weibo

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