New Changes Available on Safaricom | Data Bundles with no Expiry, Free Sim Cards and more

Kenya’s biggest Telco Safaricom, in celebration of its 19th birthday, made a few changes to its operations.

See, I’ll go straight on this. Data bundles that don’t expire is the first noticeable change you may have noticed if you use your Safaricom line for all your browsing needs. It is precisely what most people have been waiting for.

Safaricom now offers its subscribers two options on data purchase – those that expire and those that don’t.

And of course, those that don’t expire are more expensive. But this is suited for people who have WIFI at their homes or workplace. As a result, data is just a secondary go-to option. For those who still rely on data every single day, expiring data turns out as a better deal.

A major caveat I have experienced in buying the non-expiring data is that you can’t tell if you are being charged high than other subscribers. It would be better if Safaricom laid out its data prices explicitly on this.

Another new change the telco has announced in celebration of its 19th birthday is the availability of free WIFI at Safaricom shops.

New customers will also be given free sim cards. But you have to top up Ksh 50 airtime to activate the line. Existing subscribers will now be able to replace their sim cards with ease, using their voices as the password.

Furthermore, Safaricom promises to serve customers in 5 minutes at Safaricom Shops. You will still be served if you call the companies Call Centre.

The company has also announced its new CEO Peter Ndegwa that will take over as of April 1, 2020.

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