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Why Influencer Engagement is Important in Digital Marketing

The importance of industry influencers in digital marketing cannot be overstated. At a time when companies are coming up with innovative marketing strategies to attract and retain customers, they can be a crucial factor. Just think about it. Whenever you buy a product be it anything, it could be a movie ticket, a new gym membership, when you order in food. Chances are you are going to look it up on the internet and read up on it before making your purchase. Today what is being written about your product or service on the internet matters to customers especially if it is by an authority – these are influencers.

The influencers are an individual who is capable of swaying the sentiments of the audience is a certain direction regarding a person, brand, idea, or business. There are already some people out there who are making and breaking the reputation of the brand and some who have the potential to increase the popularity.

Here are few ways in which an influencer will be able to boost the digital marketing efforts.

Enhance Your Search Ranking

The face of digital marketing has experienced significant changes in the last few years. Keyword optimization will not have a robust impact on the search engine ranking. Google tends to prefer high-quality organic links. Thus, if you do not have high-quality sites linked to your website, you will have a difficult time outrunning the competitors.

If you are able to partner with influential bloggers for reviews and features of the products and services you offer, it will help in developing high-quality links. Micro-influencers have a large following. This can have a significant impact on your brand. Moreover, they are so influential that they have a good domain authority.

Generates High-Quality Leads

Micro-influencers specialize in certain niches. If you are able to target the right influencers, you will be able to enhance the brand visibility. This will also raise awareness among the relevant market. Moreover, it will help to enhance the quality leads that it generates. This means that you will be able to enjoy higher ROI.

Make sure that you work with influencers who are related to your industry and will have appreciation for your product. You should get in touch with them and provide free samples of your products. This way they will know the kind of products that you offer. Make sure that you tell them about the benefits of the products so that they are able to share the information with their respective followers. If you starting a small business, it is necessary to make sure that every penny that you spend on marketing yields the highest ROI. When you target the ideal micro-influencers, you can be sure that the message will out to the relevant audience. Thus, they will be more interested in what you are offering.

Engage New Target Audience

Contests and giveaways are great ways to engage the target customers. This will help you to reach an audience who are relevant to your business. In case you have a small business, there is a high chance that the micro-influencer’s followers have not heard of your before. Since they haven’t heard of you before, they might hesitate to spend money, even if someone they know is promoting it. Giveaways and contest are great for engaging this kind of followers.

These tactics will help in optimizing digital marketing by influencers. Hence, you can start developing a relationship with the influencers to generate high-quality leads.

About the Author 

This article was written by Tanya Sen. Tanya quit her well-paying job to follow her dreams and become a writer. She is now creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals. An avid traveler, having visited more than 40 countries. She loves to cook and try different cuisines. She now lives in Goa.

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