Gmail Wants to speed Up how you reply to your Emails

Google wants to make our lives much simpler by helping us speed up how we reply to our emails. The company has released a new feature called ‘’Smart Reply’’ What the feature does is suggest up to three responses based on the emails you get.

‘’We’re excited to bring this same convenience to the web. It’s particularly helpful when you’re jamming through lots of emails on your laptop.’’ Google announced via a blog post.

This feature was first released in November last year, but was only available for mobile and Google says already 10% of all your replies on mobile are already being sent using Smart Reply.

So how does it work? It uses machine learning to watch and read how you compose your emails and it’s from here that it keeps improving at writing more natural responses that will sound more like they are coming from you.  What it basically does is guess which emails can be answered with a short reply, prepare a few responses on your behalf and present them to you, one tap away.

For those emails that only need a quick response, Smart Reply can take care of the thinking and save you the precious time you will have to spend typing. And for those emails that require a bit more thought, it gives you a jump start so you can respond right away.

The feature isn’t available for everyone just yet; Google says you have to be using the Inbox by Gmail app in order to get the Smart Reply options.


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