Uber announces new rates after drivers’ protest

The minimum fare prices for Uber in Nairobi will now be Sh300 from the previous Sh.200, with fare per kilometer also increasing to Sh42 from Sh.35. Uber Kenya has announced this increase in what it says is a structure designed to encourage more riders on the road and to help increase trips for its drivers.

Uber further raised the minimum fares in Mombasa from Sh150 to Sh200, Sh42 from Sh35 per kilometer and base fare to Sh70 from Sh50.

‘’We believe any decision should be data-driven, using statistically proven methods to determine pricing. That is why we consider local conditions together with a pricing model that is tried and tested in 450+ cities across the world.’’ the company said.

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‘’We have always promised to closely monitor driver partners economics; keeping cognisant of how inflation and fuel prices can affect drivers using our app.’’

The increase in fare charges comes after a section of Uber drivers went on strike last month to demand higher rates. The drivers said they were getting little profits from their engagement with the company.

A section of Uber drivers during the strike last month. Uber has announced new fare rates in Nairobi and Mombasa

Uber, however, hopes this new rates will help resolve the dispute without the riders being affected. 

‘’We believe driver-partners will earn more as a result of these changes and that riders will continue to enjoy access to a safe, affordable and reliable service,’’ Uber said.

Below is a breakdown of the new fares:

Nairobi Fares:

NEW FARES KES 42 per KM KES 100 base fare KES 3 per min KES 300 minimum fare
OLD FARES KES 35 per KM KES 100 base fare KES 3 per min KES 200 minimum fare

Mombasa Fares:

NEW FARES KES 42 per KM 70 KES base fare, KES 3 per min KES 200 minimum fare
OLD FARES KES 35 per KM KES 50 base fare KES 3 per min KES 150 minimum fare
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