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Samsung Galaxy Flip And Galaxy Fold Comparison – Here’s What’s New

Samsung’s first-generation Galaxy Fold was the most troubled phone throughout 2019. The new form factor brought its challenges on the table, with primary concerns...
Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold wasn’t ready for launch Samsung CEO admits

The Galaxy Fold pioneered the smartphone market with the first foldable display. However, pioneering didn’t mean great success. With the fate that befallen Samsung’s foldable...
Galaxy Fold

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold launch Indefinitely following display issues

Things seem not to be unfolding well for Samsung with the Galaxy Fold. The phone’s durability has recently come into question after several review...



24Bit Podcast Episode 19: Value vs Brand Name

What's in a name? Well, turns out, a lot. Quite a lot. Question, would you compromise on features of a product you want to buy...


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip UTG Screen Terribly Fails Durability Test

Samsung's second-generation folding phone was a much-anticipated one. When the Galaxy Z Flip was announced with its flexible glass material dubbed "Ultra-Thin Glass," troubles...

Here’s why you should offer health insurance to your employees

Today, the cost of healthcare in Kenya has risen drastically, thanks to the evergrowing demand for medical services. Having health insurance is therefore very...