How To Stop Promotional Messages On Safaricom Through WhatsApp

Promotional text messages can be annoying sometimes especially for services you did not subscribe to. A number of users have always complained online about how they’re receiving these messages on their Safaricom phone numbers.   

These messages could be from a betting company you’ve probably never heard of, from a service provider you have never used among others. Safaricom has always provided an option of unsubscribing from such messages, by simply dialling *456#.  And now the telco has made it easier for you to stop or block these messages. You can do this through WhatsApp using Safaricom’s AI chatbot Zuri, which is now available on the social messaging platform.

Zuri is Safaricom’s artificial intelligence (AI) Chatbot to manage customers’ queries. The chatbot was previously available on Messenger and Telegram and has now been rolled out to WhatsApp and as we mentioned in our previous article, it brings a one-stop-support desk on WhatsApp helping solve the most common problems and even access other essential services hassle-free. 

So how do you stop promotional messages using Zuri? 

First, you will need to activate Zuri on WhatsApp. You can do this by saving Safaricom’s customer care number (0722000100) on your phone’s contact list. Once this is done, you can then go ahead and send a WhatsApp chat to the number. (See screenshot below). 

The simple way to access Zuri on WhatsApp is however by using this link ( ). 

Once you send a chat to Zuri, it will give you options of the different services you can choose from depending on the query you want to be solved. For promotional messages choose option 1 ‘’Manage Subscriptions’’

Zuri will then give a list of messages you should unsubscribe from which include:

  • Promotional messages
  • Chargeable messages and
  • Skiza tunes

Select promotional messages (Option 1). You will then be asked to enter the number you would like to you. You can choose to use your number or add another number. Select option 1 which should be your phone number.  (See image below).

Once you select option 1 you will then be required the sender’s name you would like to stop as spelt in the SMS. The sender here being the brand that’s sending you the promotional messages.  

Once you enter the name the promotional messages will be stopped.

As Michael Joseph, CEO, Safaricom said during the launch of Zuri on WhatsApp, the chatbot is constantly evolving and learning from the interactions it has with customers to provide accurate responses.

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