South African Fintech Startup Rebrands From Moya Money to Bloo Money

Moya Money, the South African fintech startup founded in 2021 has rebranded to Bloo Money effective May 2024.

The company said in a statement that this rebranding mirrors its continuous development since revising its branding assets in early this year.

It adds that the decision to change the name stemmed from a desire to differentiate itself from other companies with a similar name, bringing a burst of colour to the fintech industry and because cofounders operate in different continents.

Founded in March 2021 by Thulani Masebenza and Sabica Pardesi, both operate globally, based in both South Africa and the UK  respectively, the startups empowers freelancers through a financial app.

”When we started and along the journey, our product vision has always been to transform the way we freelancers work, handle their finances and the foundational principle is basically their relationship with money” Sabica says 

“Ultimately when we made the decision to change our name we wanted one that would be unique, could be playful, could resonate with many of our customers who are in the creative space and would be inclusive to be pronounced easily by people across the world”. Thulani added.

Bloo Money says its core product will remain unchanged, continuing to support businesses with a freelance management system (FMS) to manage their freelance administration. 

”While the core products and services offered by Bloo Money (formerly known as Moya Money) remain largely the same, the rebranding showcases a restored focus on innovation, customer-centricity, and differentiation.” a statement from the company reads.

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