HMD has partnered with Heineken, Bodega to unveil The Boring Phone

The Boring Phone by HMD: Human Mobile Devices (HMD) is keeping up with its promises of new partnerships with a new device, underscoring its multi-brand strategy. 

The company just announced The Boring Phone, in collaboration with beer brand Heineken and Bodega. 

‘The Boring Phone’ produced by HMD  is a limited run of ‘dumb’ phones – specifically designed to have reduced tech capabilities. It has been created to encourage people to enjoy better real-life connections on nights out by disconnecting from their smartphones.

Lars Silberbauer, CMO of Human Mobile Devices (HMD), Europe’s leading mobile innovator and manufacturer said, in early in 2023, we spotted something cool with Gen Z in the US. They started cutting down their screen time to feel better mentally, swapping their smartphones for simpler phones. 

‘’As big fans of unplugging from the digital buzz, we’re super excited about launching The Boring Phone with Heineken and Bodega. It’s definitely going to get people talking when they’re out and about.”

The phone’s transparent casing and holographic stickers draw inspiration from Gen Z’s love of Newtro fashion and design and are reminiscent of mobile phones of the early 2000s. With modern-day frills removed, the phone is unable to download social media or other third-party apps that take away from being present. It also has a handy week of standby time and up to 20 hours of talk time.  

The Boring Phone by HMD

It is claimed to deliver a week of standby time and up to 20 hours of talk time on a single charge. The Boring Phone was showcased on Thursday (April 18) in a pop-up store by Bodega at Milan Design Week. 

Interestingly, the phone is not going on sale, instead, it will be available through giveaways.  Heineken says on its website that  5,000 units of the phone will be made and given away to revellers around the world, so they can disconnect, reclaim quality time with friends, family and loved ones, and dial up their nights out.

Nabil Nasser, the Global Head of Heineken said  ‘’At Heineken, we want to foster moments of genuine connection and help people experience the joy of true togetherness. In creating The Boring Phone we have gone back to basics, we have dialled down the tech to help people truly connect over a beer, without any distraction from the constant buzzing and dings.”

An app that will turn smartphones boring will also be launched in June to give those who don’t manage to get their hands on a physical device the Boring Phone experience.

The Boring Phone features a 2.8-inch QVGA inner display and a 1.77-inch cover display. It comes with a 0.3-megapixel camera and a 3.5mm headphone jack. 

The Boring Phone supports calling and texting via 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. It also includes the popular Snake game.

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