Oppo Reno11 Series Comes With An Updated UI, Thanks To ColorOS14

OPPO Reno11 Series has been selling in the local market for a few weeks now. OPPO officially unveiled the series towards the end of January. The series comprises the Reno11 5G and the Reno11 Pro variant all featuring the latest ColorOS14 based on Android 14.

We are yet to get our hands on any of the devices but OPPO says the new series sets a new standard for smartphone experience. Of course, all this is thanks to ColorOS14 which we were all looking forward to checking out. 

ColorOS as we all know is OPPO’s custom skin and with the introduction of ColorOS14, OPPO brings a new way of how we look at modern smartphones. We have a separate article highlighting the top features you should check out which you can read here. 

OPPO says ColorOS14 brings more intelligent, more intuitive, and more secure features for the smoothest experience yet on OPPO devices. Just what new features has the company brought to the User Interface with this skin?  

ColorOS14 succeeded ColorOS14 which came with what OPPO was calling aquamorphic design which looked to simplify the cluttered user interface of earlier editions of ColorOS. OPPO has built on this design, optimized the natural and simplified it with new sound effects, color themes, interactions, and more.

For example, OPPO has introduced what it’s called Aquamorphic Sound Style. The company has partnered with professional music academies to study users’ audio preferences and worked closely with the world’s top sound design teams to bring new sound effects to life. The Sound Style include ten sets of Aquamorphic-themed ringtones for calls, alarms, and notifications, and seven global UI sound designs.

There’s also the Aquamorphic Colouring system which adapts to different scenarios like the phone status, the time, and the content on the screen. By intelligently matching colors with context, this dynamic coloring system makes receiving and absorbing information much more effective and intuitive while providing a highly immersive and comfortable user experience. 

ColorOS14 also comes with what OPPO is calling Aqua Dynamics to help users interact with information more intuitively. Aqua Dynamics redesigns and integrates frequent forms of interaction into bubbles, capsules, and panels that expand from the status bar to present information in a way that naturally flows and merges. With Aqua Dynamics, the real-time status of different services can be displayed in different forms in the status bar according to your priorities with minimal disruption at the top of your screen. 

Remember when OPPO introduced Homeland — a series of Always-On Display animations depicting scenes of animals in their natural habitats as a way of drawing attention to the effects of climate change on ColorOS 13? ColorOS 14 brings it back but with more upgrades like GO Green AOD. 

GO Green AOD highlights your personal carbon footprint by taking in five different inputs (such as your step count) and offering the impact that changes in your daily patterns can achieve. Users will be able to see clearly and intuitively how walking instead of taking other forms of transport can lead to less CO2 emission.

Well, of course, these aren’t the only new features of ColorOS14. Should you buy any of the new Reno11 series you will be able to experience all the other elements. 

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