Oppo Air Glass 3 with new AI assistant launched at MWC 2024

Oppo just unveiled a prototype for its new generation of assisted reality glasses, Oppo Air Glass 3, at MWC 2024. 

The XR glasses enable users to access Oppo’s AndesGPT model via a smartphone, providing a new kind of AI experience.

Oppo says the multimodal AI technology powering the XR glasses can understand various data types, including text, images, video, and audio to process and interpret more complex user scenarios, unlocking new potential in voice and visual user interactions. 

‘’The Air Glass 3 prototype from Oppo aims to explore the possibilities of AI technology based on cross-device collaboration between XR devices and smartphones’’ Oppo said.

Weighing just 50 grams, the Oppo Air Glass 3 features a self-developed resin waveguide with a refractive index of 1.70, a display brightness uniformity of more than 50%, and a peak eye brightness of more than 1,000 nits. Together, these ensure the Oppo Air Glass 3 provides a wearing experience that is close to that of a regular pair of glasses while also providing the best full-color display of its kind. 

Thanks to the access to Oppo AndesGPT provided by the Air Glass APP on the smartphone, users only need to lightly press the temple of the Oppo Air Glass 3 to activate the AI voice assistant and begin performing a range of tasks.

The XR glasses 3 also supports touch interaction, which can be used to easily control functions such as music playback, voice calls, information display, color image browsing, and more. 

The glasses also feature reverse sound field technology, an open acoustic design with four microphones, and other innovations that improve noise isolation to deliver high audio quality and enhanced privacy protection. 

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