The Fluentalk T1 Translator device might be your perfect foreign travel companion

Fluentalk T1 Translator device: One of the biggest challenge I always have when in a foreign country has always been language barrier. I mean, I only speak three languages, English, Swahili and of course my mother tongue. 

I remember during a recent trip to China, I met some quite interesting people but again communication was always an issue. So what happens when for example I am walking in the streets of China or in I am Huaqiang Bei ( Huaqiang Bei is the largest market for electronic devices in China)  and want to purchase an electronic device from one of the sellers who only speak Chinese? That’s where the FluenTalk T1 Translator device comes in.

The Fluentalk T1 Translator device has been designed and developed by a company called Timekettle and was sent to me about a month ago. Timekettle makes a bunch of other interesting devices like the Timekettle M3 Translator Earbuds which we have reviewed before. 

The device is a language translator that can translate multiple languages. In fact, the company notes on its website that the Fluentalk T1 translator can translate 40 languages and 43 accents and offers 95% accuracy. Quite impressive if you ask me. 

We already did a short unboxing video of the device, and in case you missed it you watch it below.

The Fluentalk T1 Translator is a very small device that can easily fit in your pocket. It measures 168.8 by 58.6 by 11.2 mm and weighs just 115g. I carried it everywhere I went during the China trip. I love how small the screen size is at just 4 inches and is also quite responsive. There is also a back camera that is 8 megapixels.  

On the left side, there is a volume rocker to help you increase or decrease the volume when translations are spoken back. Under it, you have a nano-SIM card slot.

On the right side, there are three buttons. The top button is for powering the device on and off, and the middle blue and lower red buttons are for Conversation Mode. The blue button on the other hand is intended for the foreign language you are trying to translate, while the red button is used for your native language.

The translator devices comes with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage and also runs Android 10. 

The Fluentalk T1 Translator device features some dual speakers, and three microphones and charges via a Type-C cable with a battery capacity of 1500mAh. The process on the other hand is a Quad-core ARM nanometer. 

What languages does it support?

The device supports a number of different languages both online and offline. What this means is that even with no internet access, you can still use it. The downside is, for offline, you only have 13 pairs of languages to try out. They include Chinese-English, Chinese-Japanese, Chinese-Korean, Chinese-French, Chinese-Spanish, Chinese-Russian, Chinese-Germany, English-Chinese, English-Japanese, English-Korean, English-French, English-Spanish, English-Russian, English-Germany. 

When online, the device supports  40 languages and communicates in 93 accents.  I tried Chinese-English and well, it saved the day. 

One more thing I like is the fact that it comes with a complimentary two-year data plan. Yeap, you heard me, two years. Of course, after this ends you have an option of using wifi or inserting a mobile phone SIM card and purchasing some data. 

How it works

Fluentalk T1 Translator device

The Fluentalk T1 Translator device converts text to your preferred language in real-time either through conversations, or even image capturing. 

Switching on the device takes you to three pages within the device and when you swipe to the last one, you’re taken to different translation methods you can use as shown in the image below.  The chat feature is actually my favourite because it allows you to easily converse with someone who speaks a different language than you. I love the fact that you can change which language you want to speak or what language the other person is saying.

There is also the Listen Mode which lets users read a foreign language and get the translation in real time.

For the camera, you can use it to translate signs and text by simply pointing it at the text you want to be translated and then snap the photo. The device will then analyze the picture and translate the text for you.  

Conclusion and pricing 

The bottom line is, the Fluentalk T1 Translator is a good portable device that should be able to take care of all your translation needs. 

It’s simple and straightforward to use without so many complications.  Translations are also fast and very accurate.

The device is listed on the Fluentalk website for $299.99 and comes with a 12 Month’s Warranty.

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