Safaricom Go Monthly bundles explained

In December last year, Kenya’s leading telco Safaricom announced that it was merging its PostPay and All-in-One plans into one Go Monthly proposition. 

This new proposition would see customers enjoy more value from their favorite Go Monthly plans. This was after Safaricom reduced the pricing of its monthly plans, reversing a price increase that was implemented in July 2021 following the adjustment of Excise Duty on Airtime and Telephone Services from 15% to 20%.

Safaricom has a customer base of 30 million customers and a majority of them are predominantly on prepay and top-up every day or even every week. Then there are the high-value ones who prefer to have a one-off cost at the end of every month to avoid the worry of running out of airtime during those tough moments, especially during emergency cases. 

For example, I am a Safaricom PostPay customer under the Ksh.1050 package. This plan offers me 5GB of data, 400 minutes, and unlimited SMS. There was a challenge though. Being a person who’s always online and on the move, I tend to exhaust the data quite fast. When my package is renewed for the next month, I always have so many minutes and SMS left. What this means, I have to purchase daily or even weekly bundles to stay online. My go-to bundle has always been the Daily 1GB Giga bundle for Ksh.99. When I make my monthly calculations, this is actually very expensive and tedious. What if Safaricom just allowed me to control how I spend my money? 

Safaricom Go Monthly

The new Go Monthly bundles actually now takes care of that.  Go Monthly is PostPay and All-in-One monthly plans consolidated into one. 

When Safaricom went live with this bundle, Peter Ndegwa, the CEO said “Our commitment to our customers is to offer greater value and deliver a great experience with our products and services. By consolidating our monthly plans, we seek to simplify our product offering while enabling our customers to enjoy a digital lifestyle in an affordable manner,”.

From as low as Ksh 500 per month, customers who prefer minutes or internet only can also enjoy the minutes or data-only Go Monthly plans respectively.  When a customer signs up, they have the option to choose a Data only plan, a Minutes only plan, an All-in-one plan, or Join Post-Pay. 

For Ksh 1,000 you either get 5GB + 2GB YouTube + 400min + 1,000sms + Free WhatsApp under the  All-in-one and Post pay plan. The same amount can also give you 7GB + Free WhatsApp under the data Only Plan or 800 minutes + 1000 Free sms under the minutes-only plan. 

There’s basically enough to choose from based on what is best for you i.e. Data only monthly plans, Minutes only monthly, and integrated monthly plans available on both pre-pay (All-in-One) or post-pay. 

How to Join Safaricom Go Monthly

  1. Dial *544#
  2. Select Option 4 (Go Monthly)
  3. Select either a:
    • Data only plan
    • Minutes only plan
    • All-in-one plan
    • Join Post-Pay
  4. Choose a plan that works for you for as low as Ksh. 500 bob to as much as Ksh. 10,000. 

Alternatively, you can also join using the My Safaricom app.

Important to note that the plans have a validity of 30 days, and only data will roll over upon renewal of PostPay or purchase of another monthly bundle.

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