Epson Transforms Print Environment by Strengthening IoT Security

Epson’s smart printers and multi-function peripherals (MFPs) are revolutionizing the print environment by strengthening the Internet of Things (IoT) device security.  This adoption has also led to the improvement of business efficiency, reducing operating and maintenance costs, as accurate, timely delivery of information leads to less device down-time and more efficient device usage.

As a global leader in sustainability, Epson ensures that real-time data can be collected and used to optimize energy usage for devices, reducing an entire enterprises environmental impact. For instance, machines can be put into a light or deep sleep mode, or completely powered off automatically or remotely, based on usage patterns.

“It is critical to ensuring the safety of networks with IoT devices connected to them. We believe that IoT security, including a wide range of techniques, strategies, protocols and actions must be strengthened to mitigate the increasing IoT vulnerabilities of modern businesses”, said Epson Regional Head, East and West Africa, Mukesh Bector.

Enhanced security of IoT devices is even more critical, given that since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, most organisations have their employees working from home while others have adopted a hybrid work system, making IoT devices more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

For its innovative efforts, Epson’s WorkForce Enterprise range of multi-function printers has received the Buyers Lab (BLI) Security Validation Testing seal for Device Penetration from KeyPoint Intelligence. This Illustrates Epson’s firmware, the software built-in to its devices, is extremely secure having passed rigorous evaluation. 

This is a highly respected, independent recognition for IoT office devices such as printers, scanners and other IT peripherals, and is given to those pieces of hardware that can meet stringent benchmarks. The Device Penetration tests consist of both automated tools and manual exploitation during which certified security experts probe for potential vulnerabilities in the device firmware/OS, ports, print protocols, embedded web page, connectivity avenues, and more – trying to hack into the printer. 

“Our pen testing is designed to probe the device’s firmware and OS to determine if there are vulnerabilities a bad actor could exploit to access the MFP and wider network,” explained Jamie Bsales, director, Office Workflow and Security Analysis, KeyPoint Intelligence. “The Epson WorkForce Enterprise series firmware joins a select group that has proven to us that, when properly configured, the devices present a low risk of attack.”

KeyPoint Intelligence is recognised as a leading industry analyst and testing lab. Its assessments of IoT device security are rigorous, with only the safest devices passing its stringent requirements. 

Receiving the BLI Security Validation Testing seal is a major step considering the proliferation in IoT devices used in organisations across the globe. Once connected to a network, these pieces of hardware can present a vulnerability and entry point. 

Mukesh added: “Receiving the BLI Security Validation Testing seal from KeyPoint Intelligence confirms that our business inkjet printers are not only efficient and sustainable, but highly secure. With millions of IoT devices connected to networks around the world, a single weak point can offer a chink an organisation’s armour. Epson has been proven not to be one.

“In a world where hackers can gain access to entire enterprise via a single compromised end point, we can’t take this seriously enough.”

The award lasts for two years and was awarded to the firmware of the: 

  • Epson WF-C21000
  • Epson WF-C20750
  • Epson WF-C20600
  • Epson WF-M21000

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