Uhuru presides over countrywide roll-out of coding curriculum in schools

President Uhuru Kenyatta is in his last days in office and has used whatever time he has left to launch some of the grandiose projects his government has undertaken.

In the last days leading to the general election, the President joined the campaign trail to drum support for his preferred candidate the Right Honourable Raila Odinga in tours across the country. The president has applied all possible means to ensure that he leaves Kenyans with a sweet taste of his legacy in their mouth.

The launch of a coding curriculum for primary schools in the country is ultimately one of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s most important footprints.

Last Friday, the President presided over the countrywide rollout of the coding curriculum in primary and secondary schools. The president noted that the curriculum sets Kenya apart and makes it even more competitive in the future.

“Kenya becomes the first country in Africa to approve coding as a subject of study within the official curricula for primary and secondary schools,” said the president. “I applaud the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development for leading our nation to this landmark achievement, by implementing coding as a critical skill within our new Competency Based Curriculum.”

The president also launched the Kenya National Digital Master Plan which runs from this year to 2032 and the National Cyber-Security Strategy 2022 which provides strategic interventions in addressing national cyber security challenges and threats.

The 10-year tenure of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government has championed numerous ICT projects that have seen the sector blossom in an unprecedented fashion.

Rural electrification, constituency digital hubs, Huduma Centres and access to government services via online platforms have greatly improved service delivery.

Among the first beneficiaries of the coding curricula are eight public schools that will receive full sponsorship from a European-based maritime equipment manufacturer, Med-Marine to implement the curricula.

The schools include Starehe Boys Centre (Nairobi), Sparki Primary School (Mombasa), Manyatta Primary School (Kisumu), Nomads Primary School (Isiolo), Mararal DEB (Samburu), Chereta Primary School (Laikipia), Icuga secondary School (Nyeri County) and Kitondo Primary School (Machakos).

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