Multimedia University Students Benefit from Polygon and Impact+ Blockchain Training

Everyone with some interest in emerging technologies has by now heard of or interacted with blockchain, the technology used to build popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. In case you haven’t we will tell you about it in a moment… but first things first.

Three organizations specializing in blockchain technology have partnered to offer free training to students from Multi Media University. Dubbed “Imarisha maisha na Blockchain,” the program is aimed at sparking interest and laying a foundation in the technology whose proponents see as a game-changer.

Experts from Impact +, Polygon and Graphica Inc, have combined efforts to share knowledge with students undertaking IT/ICT courses at the institution. The training which started on Monday 11th and runs until Friday 15 July 2022 is organized in multiple layers, taking students from basic elements of blockchain to more complex aspects such as coding and specific user-case application.

Each of the organizations involved brings a high level of expertise in blockchain.

Impact+ is a social-driven enterprise influencing the world through initiatives such as education and awareness creation as well as mentorship programs.

Dr. Shaz Khalid, the Country Manager for Impact+ says that the interest demonstrated by trainees in the program is impressive.

“ We want to demystify blockchain by creating more awareness about it. Most young people know the cryptocurrency aspect of it but blockchain is applicable in so many use cases. Its usability is limitless.” She said.

Kent Furoie, founder and Chief Technology Officer(CTO) at South African-based Graphica and one of the trainers in the program told TechTrends Media that the interest the learners have demonstrated is impressive.

“ Africa has the advantage of a young population that’s eager to learn.” He says. “Kenya competes against Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa, and the students here have proven their readiness to gain new skills. They are very engaging with questions and discussions, which is the best way to grow. “ Mr. Fuorie observed.

Blockchain technology caught the attention of the globe with the introduction of Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. The technology is based on the ability of developers to add pieces of code known as “blocks” to an existing ledger or record of transactions. This makes it a decentralized technology because anyone can add blocks to the existing framework. Each participant is able to see what others have done across the network, making it hard to alter or hack the system.

The technology has gained popularity over the years, but experts say that it’s still in its infant stages.

“You either go with the trend or get left behind.” Fuorie said, adding that “We have people that are hungry for knowledge, and therefore Africa has a natural uptake for blockchain.”

Dr. Shaz says that they hope to partner with more institutions including startups going forward. More than 30 students from the university have taken up the weeklong training.

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