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Football is the second most admired sports discipline in the Republic of Ireland which has a large viewership. The Football Association of Ireland is the official regulatory body that is responsible for running the national football team and organising all matches and tournaments. The League of Ireland was founded in 1921 and now has five divisions. The two highest ones are the League of Ireland Premier Division and First Division which are national leagues. The League of Ireland was founded in 1921. 

In this article, you will uncover all the crucial details about the current season of this prestigious tournament as well as top Irish premier division predictions and picks. By the way, if you would like to uncover more forecasts concerning the upcoming football matches in different countries such as Kenya, for example, then you can
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Ireland premier division Season Preview 

The current 2022 Premier Division of the League of Ireland, which is also called the SSE Airtricity because of the sponsorship, is the thirty-eighth season of the tournament. It began on February 18, 2022, and will last until November 4, 2022. In this section, you will find out all the particulars regarding this prominent competition. There will be one hundred and eighty matches played in the season. Thirty-eight matches have already taken place. 

How is Irish football run? What is Ireland’s premier division?

Premier Division is now the highest level division in the general football league system and in the League of Ireland which was founded in 1985. There are two famous domestic League cups that are organised by it which are FAI Cup and President’s Cup. There are ten football teams which are playing in this division and participating in this season. Here they are together with their captains: 

  • UCD – Jack Keaney
  • Bohemians – Tyreke Wilson
  • St. Patrick’s Athletic – Ian Bermingham
  • Shelbourne – Luke Byrne
  • Derry City – Eoin Toal
  • Finn Harps – David Webster
  • Drogheda United – Dane Massey
  • Sligo Rovers – David Cawley
  • Dundalk FC – Brian Gartland
  • Shamrock Rovers – Ronan Finn. 

Top Teams and Key Players in Ireland premier division 

In general, Shamrock Rovers is the leading team which has already won seven titles in the previous seasons of the competitions.  However, it is the football team that has the largest number of titles in the League (8 titles). 

As far as the current season is considered, here is the information about the recent results. The top team on the table with the largest number of points is Derry City. It has already played six matches and won four of them. The team has scored nine goals and has fourteen points on the table. 

When it comes to the second team on the table, it is Sligo Rovers. It scored ten goals during the last six played matches. At present, the team has twelve points. The third team is St. Patrick’s Athletic with twelve points on the table. The team has already played seven games, the four of which it has won and three of them it lost. 

The fourth place in the table belongs to Shamrock Rovers which have eleven points. They have played seven matches and acquired victory only in three of them. Two of those games they lost and the other two ended in a draw. The fifth position in the table takes Dundalk with eight points and only one victory. 

When it comes to the top scorers in the last seasons of the competition, these are:

  • Season 2021: Georgie Kelly (Bohemians) – 21 goals. 
  • Season 2020: Patrick Hoban (Dundalk) – 10 goals. 
  • Season 2019: Junior Ogedi-Uzokwe (Derry City) – 14 goals. 
  • Season 2018: Patrick Hoban (Dundalk) – 29 goals.
  • Season 2017: Sean Maguire (Cork City) – 20 goals. 

Where to find betting odds for the Irish premier division? 

If you would like to discover the betting odds for the matches of Premier Division, then you should visit the main website of your bookmaker and pick these tournaments as the other proposed sports events. Then you should select the particular match that you are interested in and check the betting odds that the bookie proposes for this game. 

Top tips and predictions for Irish premier division 

In this section, we will provide you with statistics regarding different areas in the current season of the Irish Premier Division which will constitute accurate football predictions and betting tips that you may make use of while making your punts on this competition.  

Best Defending Teams 

As far as the best defending football teams in the 2022 season are considered that have conceded the least number of goals, these are:

  • Sligo Rovers – 4 goals
  • Derry City – 4 goals
  • St. Patrick’s Athletic – 5 goals
  • Dundalk – 6 goals
  • Shamrock Rovers – 6 goals

Worst Defending Teams 

Below you will find the list of teams that have conceded the largest number of goals:

  • Drogheda United – 12 goals
  • UCD – 10 goals
  • Finn Harps – 9 goals
  • Shelbourne – 9 goals
  • Bohemian – 6 goals

Best Attacking Teams 

Here are the football teams that scored the highest number of goals in the present season:

  • Sligo Rovers – 10 goals
  • St. Patrick’s Athletic – 10 goals
  • Shamrock Rovers – 10 goals
  • Derry City – 9 goals
  • Dundalk – 8 goals

Worst Attacking Teams 

Below there are those football clubs that have the lowest number of scored goals:

  • UCD – 3 goals
  • Shelbourne – 4 goals
  • Finn Harps – 5 goals
  • Drogheda United – 6 goals
  • Bohemian FC – 6 goals

Top Scorers 

When it comes to the key players in the season who scored the greatest number of points, these are: 

  • Aidan Keena (Sligo Rovers) – 5 goals
  • Jamie McGonigle (Derry City) – 4 goals
  • Steven Bradley (Dundalk) – 4 goals
  • Promise Omochere (Bohemians) – 3 goals
  • Graham Burke (Shamrock Rovers) – 3 goals
  • William Patching (Derry City) – 3 goals
  • Eoin Doyle (St. Patrick’s Athletic) – 2 goals
  • Mark Doyle  (St. Patrick’s Athletic) – 2 goals
  • William Fitzgerald (Sligo Rovers) – 2 goals
  • Sam Todd (UCD) – 2 goals
  • Dean Williams (Drogheda United) – 2 goals
  • Chris Lyons (Drogheda United) – 2 goals

Top assists

The statistics regarding the top assists in the season is in the process of creation. 

How to bet on Ireland’s premier division picks? 

First of all, you should go through all the picks and predictions for the future matches of the Irish Premier Division to see which teams have the highest chances of winning in certain matches. Then you should go to the bookmaker’s platform, select the type of bet you want to place, enter the stake and submit it. 

What are the best betting markets for Ireland’s premier division?

The Premier League is a huge football event and that is why bookmakers propose many betting markets for punters so that they have a wide choice of bets to place. The best betting markets that are proposed by most bookies are match winner, over/under bets, totals, first football player to score and correct score bets.

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