Kaspersky Launches Cyber Security Training for IT Experts

Cyber security firm Kaspersky has announced the launch of a new Windows Incident Response training course to help organizations respond better to cyber threats.

The Windows Incident Response training is a self-guided course that includes 40 video lessons and 100 hours of virtual lab time for hands-on learning. Although the training can be concluded in 15 hours, participants will have six months of access to the platform to finish the training.

The course is designed for in-house cybersecurity teams and InfoSec professionals to help them expand their analytical skills in the incident response domain. It has a specific focus on how to respond especially in the midst of a ransomware attack.

“Since no one is immune to a cyberattack, and it becomes increasingly more difficult to prevent a security perimeter penetration, remediation and the knowledge and experience of how to respond are more in demand than ever before,” said Kai Schuricht, senior incident response specialist at Kaspersky.

A survey conducted by the company says that 77% of firms in the U.S. can’t handle a ransomware attack alone or with the help of regular IT service providers despite 75% of respondents acknowledging there is a high possibility of these attacks on their organization. This increases the risk of serious damage in case an attack occurs.

The Windows Incident Response training was developed by Kaspersky’s Global Emergency Response Team (GERT) which boasts more than 12 years of experience in the field.

By the end of the training, IT teams will know how to identify and respond to a cyber incident. Practitioners are also in a position to differentiate between Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) from other threats.

Kaspersky operates in over 200 countries. It has about 400 million users, including 240,000 corporate clients.

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