Muthoni Wachira: As 5G slowly gains momentum, OPPO Kenya keen to revolutionize mobile devices experience in the market

Kenya became the second country in Africa to roll out a commercial 5G network, which is set to improve customer experience with super high-speed internet, low latency, and massive connectivity that will completely change production, lifestyles, and the way we work in the next 10 years. People may be confused about what 5G can do, but when 4G first arrived about 10 years ago, no one could imagine that 4G would give birth to the mobile internet era.

The future development of 5G will not be limited to mobile communication technology; it will grow into a technology platform, or technology base that will merge and resonate with cutting-edge technologies including AI and cloud. 5G will develop and change in ways beyond imagination and provide countless possible technological futures.

Standing at the intersection of technology and humanity, OPPO is concerned about the real needs of today and tomorrow. We have always tried our best to help upgrade peoples’ lifestyles by upgrading communication technology, migrating from 3G and 4G to 5G.

As a pioneer and promoter of 5G, OPPO’s progressive technological strategy and continued R&D investment has accelerated 5G commercialization across the globe. OPPO is the first technology brand in the world to launch 5G mobile products. Through OPPO’s leading 5G technologies combined with the capabilities of strong local industry partners, OPPO offers many diverse 5G products including 5G mobile phones and 5G CPE in numerous markets across the globe.

As 5G is in its initial rollout stages in Kenya, OPPO is keen on playing a key role in the growth of the network by availing more 5G-enabled devices in the country. The anticipated OPPO Reno6 device that will launch in Kenya early September will be our first 5G device coming through our distribution channels, and the most affordable.

OPPO 5G smartphones serve as an enabler of ‘intelligent connectivity’ – the fusion of 5G, AI, and IOT bridging people to a world of immersive entertainment, enhanced public services, and even more. 

The advent of the 5G era will take even so-called “traditional” video content to the next level on mobile internet. People love to express themselves and share their lifestyles through ever more distinctive videos with higher definition. To meet consumers’ growing enthusiasm for videos in 5G era, OPPO 5G smartphones are able to create a seamless experience covering video shooting, optimizing, and editing for users with innovative technologies and applications, such as SoLoop smart video editor app which have successfully optimized the process of filming, editing, viewing, and sharing. These are features that users will get to enjoy with the introduction of the OPPO Reno6.

In general, the lightning speed that 5G provides is just further optimization of the previous generation of mobile network technology. It is the most fundamental of experiences that 5G technology provides and the most perceptible in our daily lives.

Above are just a few early examples, with revolution in basic fundamental technologies such as 5G, the new applications may be things that we could have never imagined. Looking back at the early days of 4G, who would have thought of the prevalence of new applications such as mobile payments and short videos. The future is not clearly defined and that’s why it is exciting.

As 5G is deployed across the world, it will further drive the development of IoT, VR/AR, smart city, self-driving technology, and so on. 5G will become an important force for change in society. The convergence and co-evolvement of 5G with other cutting-edge technologies such as AI, AR/VR, and cloud computing will usher us into a smarter era of the Internet of experience.

Ms. Wachira is the Head of Communications and Projects at OPPO Kenya.

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