Telkom Kenya Scaling Up Its 4G Network: What Does It Mean For The Everyday User?

Following the end of the Loon project and Kenya’s deal with Google, there’s a new need for accessible internet in uncovered rural areas. Telkom Kenya believes they can provide internet to all their customers “in the spirit of Madaraka”. They hope to give all Kenyans the freedom and opportunity to live out their dreams.

Telkom 2021 Business Model Change

In August of 2020, Telkom Kenya introduced a new business plan for better internet access to all Kenyans. They are confident that their investment in infrastructure and the widespread fibre network rollout will eventually reach even the most remote citizens. 

Telkom customers can get the lifetime offer called Madaraka Life for only KSh.100, once-off. This will give you 1GB of mobile data and 100 minutes of talk time for Telkom-to-Telkom calls each month. If you’re new to Telkom, you can also register to their mobile money service and instantly get Ksh.50 back in your mobile wallet. If you’re already a Telkom Kenya customer, simply load KSh.100 of airtime to opt-in for this lifetime deal.

The company’s primary focus is to improve telecommunications and infrastructure in the country. They hope to bridge the digital divide between first and third-world countries.

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What This Means for Kenyans

It means that you, as a Kenyan citizen and Telkom customer, can receive affordable, reliable internet. This might not seem like a big deal to those who have this every day but think about how much is done online these days. 

But apart from all the statistics, access to reliable internet is just a lot more fun. There are exciting movies to watch, fantastic books available for free and for sale, and a massive range of creators to follow and support. You can also have fun online with easily downloadable games and even online casinos, playing for real money or ‘pretend’ money on sites such as NetBet Roulette, battle in a Fortnite world or help Mario rescue his princess. 

Access to all the information on the World Wide Web is something that many take for granted every day. However, it’s something that can benefit rural communities massively. Those who don’t have access to public or private education can learn almost anything online. Although most of the information online isn’t available in many languages, more diversity online could change that in the future; and some can benefit from what’s already there. 

Better education is one of the most significant benefits, especially regarding women and girls learning about their rights and bodies and getting the opportunity to finish their schooling. Another benefit is better business opportunities and ways for small businesses to get into the international market. This could be a massive step for the country’s economy. 

The internet also provides a place for Kenyans to use their voice and talk about their views on situations in their country and the world. Hearing those who have similar opinions could validate others enough to incite change.


Better internet isn’t just more convenient for most Kenyans. It’s a massive opportunity to follow their dreams. To get their education, build their business, or make their voice heard.

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