[Interview] Omedo Gladys, Graduate, Bolt Drive4WITech initiative

Omedo Gladys is one of the graduates from the recently launched Drive4WITech initiative campaign to empower women in tech across Africa by Ride-hailing firm Bolt.

The campaign was launched in March this year targeted at jumpstarting careers for women in the tech space regardless of their field. As a concrete step, Bolt offered 12 internships to women across Africa. From Operations to Marketing, PR to Engineering.

The internship offered women at the start of their careers access to Top Bolt executives with years of experience across Europe and Africa.

Among many applications received, you were selected to intern with Bolt in the Drive4WITech initiative. How did you feel when you were selected?

It was exciting and a blessing to be selected for this internship programme.

What area did you specialise in during the programme?


Tell us about the experience and the new skills you learnt during the programme?

My experience has been amazing and educational. I have learnt new skills like coming up with marketing strategies, localisation of press releases, influencer management, and coming up with PR plans.

What impact has Drive4WITech had on you and how will it enhance your career?

This programme has challenged my mind severally to think on my feet. It has also taught me on how to be creative while coming up with ideas and strategies. It has shown me the value of having an open mind to learn every day and also greatly impacted my confidence through various presentations. I am confident with my work.

How do you plan to use the knowledge gained to your advantage in the tech industry?

Learning the voice and tone of Bolt will help me know how to communicate with different perspectives  in the tech industry like the service providers, retails, business client, among other things. Now I know how to reach different audiences with knowledge on social media marketing.

With statistics and insights, I am now able to know the impact of the various strategies used for marketing with the help of PR.

Did you have any challenges interning at Bolt?

Adjusting to the machine ha!

The Drive4WITech initiative positions Bolt as an inclusive and diverse organization. How immersing was it for you?

It was very immersing. My line manager always involved me in meetings where they discussed how to market the brand better, localisation of press releases, actively finding influencers to work with the various campaigns put in place and engaging me on my interactions with the app from my experiences see how to better marketing strategies.

Did the programme meet your expectations?

Yes. My expectation was to be more skilled in my work and by all means, I have grown in my work ethic and I am better at what I do.

What is that one thing you will miss about interning at Bolt?

One thing I will really miss is how the internship programme continues to teach until you can find a place you best-fit meaning you learn every day ensuring you have all resources you need to be successful in your role.

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