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Twitter Working on an “Undo Send” Button

An early look at Twitter's upcoming 'premium' undo send button

Twitter made the headlines in 2020 when its CEO Jack Dorsey said they’re considering rolling out premium features that users could pay for following a dip in the company’s revenue. According to a survey done by the microblogging platform last year, one of the considered premium features was the “undo send” button.

Thanks to app sleuth Jane Wong, we now have the first look at how the new Twitter undo send feature will look like – and probably an indication of how seriously the company is considering diversifying its revenue streams.

The new undo send button is added to Twitter’s existing “Your Tweet was sent” dialogue. It follows Twitter’s design colors and has a native progress bar that shows how long a user has before the tweet is finally published.

Check the embedded tweet below.

A Bloomberg report in early February suggested that the company is considering more ways to launch paid subscriptions. The new details in the latest report suggest the company is considering including a paid subscription to Tweet Deck, Twitter’s alternative website, among other new native features on the central platform.

It corroborated with the previous survey run by the company in 2020. Among the considered premium features include the uncovered “undo send” button. Additionally, Twitter was also reportedly considering offering its users additional profile customization options at a fee.

Twitter has been on the move recently, seeking ways to reduce reliance on its advertising. Its Ad business makes up the majority of its revenue.

Bruce Falck, Twitter’s revenue product lead, said they would continue to research and experiment with ways to diversify their revenue beyond ads in 2021 further and beyond in February.

“Premium Twitter”

According to the 2020 survey, Twitter was considering introducing several new features that could be placed behind a paywall. Some features tipped in the survey include fewer or no ads, custom stickers, custom hashtags, auto-responses, custom profile badges, advanced analytics, undo send, custom colors.

Twitter also weighed up an option to give users and companies a chance to recruit directly via the platform.

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