Posta Kenya’s M-Post Service Hits 150,000 Subscribers

Towards the end of November last year, Posta Kenya, in partnership with Kenya’s largest telco Safaricom announced a new service dubbed M-Post that digitalized Post office boxes that are tied to the telco’s phone number.

This gave a chance to all Safaricom subscribers – more than 34 million – to access postal services from all Postal outlets spread across the country, directly from their mobile phones.

Just two months in, and it has been reported that the service has amassed 150,000 subscribers. These figures are not huge considering the amount of users base Safaricom has, but it’s a good head start for a program that is still new in the market, yet has so much growth potential.

“Since we launched M-Post about two months ago with Safaricom, we have got an excess of 150,000 subscribers, and it is climbing every day,” said Posta’s CEO and Postmaster-General Dan Kagwe.

M-Post is Posta Kenya’s latest attempt to stay relevant on the market as its core business continues to slow down due to the uptake of other reliable and fast means of communication and transportation of goods. It has also previously partnered with Jumia Kenya to expand Jumia’s pickup up stations across the country.

Posta should’ve stayed relevant in the market to become Kenya’s largest courier when it came to the delivery of goods after the eCommerce boom in the country, but, sadly, that has not been the case as both eCommerce retailers and shoppers opt for other means.

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