The Best of LG’s Updated InstaView Refrigerator

Suppose you’re in the market looking for a new refrigerator that packs all the technology bells and whistles you can ever want, LG is one of the top choices. LG Electronics’ InstaView line of refrigerators sport modern-day technology that delivers more than just storage boxes.

The company showcased its latest models of InstaView refrigerators at the first virtual CES event that just concluded almost two weeks ago.

It’s bigger than its predecessor and is packed with more technology to suit your smart kitchen needs. One of the coolest features about the new LG InstaView refrigerator is a double-knock that makes it easy to view what’s inside.

With LG’s latest InstaView refrigerator, you don’t need to open your fridge door to check the remaining food, snacks, drinks, or whatever you store inside your fridge.

The updated fridge makes the whole process easier.  Knock the door twice, and the refrigerator will be illuminated, letting you see inside the InstaView™ Door-in-Door® compartment with a mirrored glass panel that is dedicated to the storage of frequently accessed items.

LG also increased the InstaView window size – now 23 percent larger than previously – expanding the viewing area.

Aside from just convenience, LG’s door-in-door has other advantages, too. For instance, not opening the refrigerator door reduces interior cold air loss, keeping food fresher for more extended periods.

Furthermore, not opening the fridge door frequently reduces workload, thus leading to less power consumption.

The new InstaView refrigerator also features an auto-open door that can effortlessly open the door, voice control, energy-saving features, door-in-door adjustable shelves, and more room for storage.

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