Top 3 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs for Moms in Nigeria

If you work from home, you can be your own boss. This year, remote opportunities are booming. As a consequence of lockdowns across the world, millions of people have discovered Internet-based systems. For many, remote work is now vital. 

These work from home jobs can be flexible and rewarding. They provide the ultimate freedom so many people crave. Stay-at-home moms in Nigeria have fewer opportunities than in the West. However, several domains are both feasible and profitable.

1. Work as a Virtual Assistant

This is an office job done remotely. Your employer will ask you to complete different tasks like appointment scheduling, data entry, editing, record organization, email management, social media management, etc. The job requires qualifications or at least some training. The focus, however, is on communication and computer skills, as you will need to use MS office applications a lot.

This job is suitable for those who do not want to stray too far from the conventional office environment. You will be officially employed, which should give you benefits like paid holidays. Remember that freelancers do not have these advantages. They may work even while traveling, but they have no job benefits.

2. Become an Online Trader

You do not need a degree in finance or economics to master this art. Today, anyone with internet access and at least $10 can start trading in the largest financial market. Education is free, and there is no shortage of free resources for learning. At the moment, the most popular instruments include currency pairs, stocks, CFDs, precious metals, etc.

The learning phase spans several months. You can understand the basics of the market and the forces that drive its pricing. Free resources include articles, books, YouTube tutorials, webinars, etc. As a reputable broker, Forextime provides clients with free FXTM demo accounts.

If you know nothing about trading, the easiest way to begin is with the currency exchange. You will learn to use desktop platforms and smartphone apps to buy and sell currencies online in the largest financial market. The foreign exchange is gigantic, as its turnover reaches 6 trillion US dollars daily. Thanks to technological advances, anyone may connect to it through a broker. 

Retail Forex trading is not easy – there is a learning curve. However, once you master one instrument, you will be able to add more assets and explore various markets like the stock exchange or derivatives. Eventually, you will compile a diversified portfolio that will bring a steady income provided you follow a solid strategy. Fortunately, as retail trading has existed since the 1990s, the professional community has already devised effective strategies you may adopt.

3. Create Content and Sell It

If you have strong writing skills, you may find suitable freelancing opportunities. As digital promotion is so important for modern brands, the demand for high-quality content is high. Recruiters are constantly on the lookout for copywriters and writers whose work can generate traffic.

Can you create articles to bring value to users? Turn this talent into a job! Alternatively, you may create a blog and monetize it through Google AdSense once it becomes popular. This network connects websites to advertisers and matches them automatically.

See how much you can possibly earn using the calculator on the official website. For example, if you create a website that concerns nutrition and drinks, and it receives 50,000 views per month, your annual income will be at least $3,400.

Another opportunity is affiliate marketing. If you include links to advertisers’ websites and your visitors make purchases there, you receive a commission. Finally, there are direct product sales. Thus, if you create content that is interesting to users, you can monetize it easily. Since parenting is a subject that never loses relevance, why not turn your experience into a job opportunity?

Another related avenue is proofreading. Proofreaders do not create new content – they edit writers’ work. You need a good knowledge of the language, so you can spot and correct errors, polishing text for marketing purposes. Proofreaders are meticulous, as they check the accuracy of facts as well as grammar structures.

Working from Home in 2021

This year, working from home is more popular than ever. COVID-19 has made remote work essential for millions of people around the world. Until recently, Nigeria was falling behind in adopting these systems. Now, it is seeing rapid development in this field.

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