Over 55Pc of Kenyans with Fixed Internet Pay for Speeds Between 2-10Mbps

Internet for the mass market

The number of mobile data subscribers has just surpassed the 40 million mark while the fixed broadband market has also recorded the highest number of subscriptions yet. For the first time, fixed internet subscribers have crossed the 600k milestone.

According to a recent report, as of June, there were 619,579 fixed internet subscribers in Kenya.

From the report, most of these subscribers pay for at least 2Mbps and less than 10Mbps. The 2-10Mbps band has a total of 347,981 subscribers or over 55 percent of the total.

Out of these, 146,067 have subscribed via fibre-to-the-home/office internet subscriptions. At the same time, Cable Modem serves 130,415 subscribers.

The reason for the popularity of this band is obvious: price. Safaricom, as of June the top fixed internet provider in Kenya, charges Kshs 2,900, and Kshs 3,999 for 5Mbps and 10Mbps, respectively per month. On Wananchi Group’s Zuku, you’ll pay Kshs 2,499 for 10Mbps. And on Poa Internet, speeds of up to 4Mbps cost Kshs 1500 per month.

According to the Communication Authority of Kenya, “As at [the] end of the quarter under review, Fibre-to-the-home/office data/Internet…continued to be rolled out in the country.”

That catapulted the registration numbers of broadband subscribers via FTTH/O as the fibre-optic technology that allows subscribers to access higher speed of Internet services, the CA says.

Generally, FTTH/O ended the June quarter with 351,332 subscribers almost double those connected via Cable modem(176,589). Copper (DSL) had 997 subscribers, Fixed Wireless 88,159, Satellite 1,698 and other fixed internet technologies had 804 subscribers.

High-spenders are not-so-popular

Apparently, very few Kenyans are ready to pay for high-speed and expensive fixed broadband packages. These kinds of plans are not so popular as Zuku would like to think. As of June, only 2,654 fixed broadband subscribers in the country pay for internet speeds of over 99Mbps.

Yet, surprisingly, Zuku has recently launched a new 500Mbps package touted the fastest internet in the country. Zuku also has also listed upcoming 100Mbps and 200Mbps packages.

As at the time of writing, Zuku is yet to reveal the subscription price of its 500Mbps plan. There are also few fixed internet providers that offer speeds of over 99Mbps. JTL has a 125Mbps package going for Kshs. 20,000.

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