Samsung, Safaricom and M-Kopa unveil financing plan for the Galaxy A10s, don’t go for it

Safaricom, Samsung and M-Kopa today morning launched a new product or what they are calling a pay as you go mobile solution that will allow Kenyans to purchase Samsung devices and pay in instalments 

According to Samsung, this initiative will enable carriers and dealers to sell Samsung’s latest smartphones to Kenyans by allowing customers to pay and use their device on a daily or weekly basis. This offers customers the opportunity to access a unique prepaid financing plan and premium Samsung devices at ‘’affordable prices’’

The three partners are kicking off this initiative with the Samsung Galaxy A10s that was launched in the country in April last year. The recommended retail price for the Galaxy A10s is Ksh. 12,889. With this new deal between Samsung, Safaricom and M-Kopa, you will, however, be able to get it for Ksh.60 bob a day. Sounds like a good deal but is it really? There’s a catch. 

How it works

Well, this is a financing plan and the phone can be purchased at selected Safaricom and M-Kopa shops. You will need your national identity card and pay a downpayment of Ksh.3,499 by M-Pesa. You will then be required to pay a daily rate of Ksh.60 for a period of 365 days bringing the total cost of the phone to Ksh. 25,399. Well!!

Would I consider this deal?

There’re so many reasons why I would not buy this phone or even consider this deal. Why would I pay Ksh.25,399 for a phone that costs Ksh.13,000?

According to Sylvia Mulinge, the Chief Customer Officer at Safaricom, the extra cost is to carter for risk, and also for the convenience of getting the device immediately as well as ‘’..broaden access to quality smartphones across the income divide’’

Moreover, this extra cost does not even cover insurance. Well, there’s a 2-year manufactures warranty on the Samsung A10s but you will have to cater for out-of-warranty damages like broken screens. Should your phone get lost or stolen you will need to report to the police as normal. You can also report the loss to M-Kopa who will lock the phone so nobody else can use it. You will however still continue paying. 

Jesse Moore, Co-Founder and CEO, M-Kopa says ‘’This partnership is about creating an affordable path to ownership of a world-class device for any Safaricom subscriber’’

Sung Yoon, CEO and President of Samsung Africa who was also present at the launch said ‘’There is so much growth opportunity in the region and we believe that this partnership will help accelerate economic growth in Kenya’s mobile industry’’

As we mentioned this phone can be purchased from selected Safaricom and M-Kopa shops. The financing plan sounds good but if it were me I would just save that cash and go get the phone for Ksh.13,000 from Jumia or any Samsung shop. Don’t go for this deal. 

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