Hellofood spreads its wings to Mombasa County


Hellofood, Nairobi’s leading online food delivery company is now expanding its services to Mombasa County.

Since it first launched in Nairobi 2 years ago, hellofood has provided Nairobi residents with access to the most popular restaurants in the city using an online platform that is accessible through a desktop or mobile app. Using these channels, customers can find great restaurants for the purpose of food delivery. The convenience of this service has been beneficial to those working long hours at the office, those seeking healthier options to order for the family and generally anyone looking for a great meal at a specific time of the night or day.
And now, hellofood is in the process of setting up their offices in Mombasa. This service is not only beneficial for customers but it’s also a great opportunity for restaurant owners to acquire a new avenue to generate business growth.

“Mombasa hubs a plethora of opportunities for food delivery; first of all, the city is known for its diverse, rich coastal cuisine that is served by great restaurants and is enjoyed by residents and tourists alike. Secondly, although it is popularly known for its laid-back atmosphere, there are some people who might not enjoy moving around in the heat in search of a good meal”  Hellofood Mombasa city manager Anthony Gitobu said.

”We are therefore very excited to set up our service in Mombasa County, where we can provide the same convenience that is enjoyed in Nairobi; we are confident that we’ll receive a positive outcome not only from residents, but it’s also a great opportunity for restaurant owners to market their restaurants as well” he added.

In Nairobi, hellofood has managed to partner with over 120+ restaurants and according to the company, the number is expected to grow once restaurants sign on to the site in Mombasa.

Last month, the company released an info graphic showing how the emerging mobile market impacts online food delivery in Africa. The graphics showED how Worldwide, mobile penetration is constantly on the rise.  In 2014 alone, the growth rate of mobile orders on hellofood had reached 50% on the continent, and the compnay said this had been facilitated by the increasingly affordable prices of smartphones ($40).

The report found out that 79% of customers in Tanzania, where 79% order food on their phones. Egypt (56%) and Ivory Coast (54%) have also shifted to mostly mobile orders. The other countries still make the majority of orders via desktop, with Ghana (69%) and Nigeria (61%) having the highest numbers of desktop orders.

The hellofood site and mobile app displays how many restaurants can deliver to the customer once they indicate what area they’re in. After the food is selected by the customer, hellofood works with the restaurant to ensure that the meal is received to their specified area. This technology enables someone with no knowledge of the city to go through a wide range of restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines while at the same time exposing the restaurants to potential customers who wouldn’t know they exist.


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