Safaricom Customers Being Conned Using Telco’s Official Number

Looks like fraudsters are always devising new ways to con people on the Safaricom network. A number of users are now claiming to be receiving calls and text messages from con people using Safaricom’s official number.  

We are not sure if the customers have lodged a complaint with Safaricom or provided any evidence of them being called from this number. The cons, however, as reported by one user are calling and asking questions about user’s personal Mpesa and M-Shwari details.

‘’I got a call from this number 0722 000 000? An outright conman trying to extort info from me about my M-Pesa, M-Shwari and KCB M-Pesa? ‘’ A Twitter user by the name Stevo Muturi (@stevomuturi) posted.

‘’How come fraudsters are using 0722 000 000 to con people. A  friend has been conned and the guys were calling via this number’’ another Twitter user, Eric Gichuru posted. 

A number of Kenyans on social media are sharing their experiences on how they have fallen victims to these fraudsters.  Safaricom has not issued an official statement regarding this yet but in a response to one user, the telco asked those affected to report the matter to the police and also cautioned to not give any personal details upon receiving calls from the said number. Well, how will you not be able to do this if the number calling is the official Safaricom customer care number?  You may ask.

The question, however, is how the fraudsters are able to use Safaricom’s official number. Some users are even questioning if this could be an inside job from some rogue Safaricom employees. One user even noted how a friend from Safaricom once called him using the Safaricom number.

‘’A friend from Safaricom once called me using the Safaricom number with many zeros(00). So my question is, is it not possible for their malicious employees to steal from customers through that official number? ‘’ he posted.

If this happens to be an inside job from rogue Safaricom employees, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Remember in August 2019, a Safaricom employee was charged with accessing, and stealing Ksh.45,000 from dead client’s account.  In 2019, a number of users also reported losing money through SIM Swap fraud. The company raised alarm on this and 22 people including the telco’s staff were arrested and taken to court and this prompted the telco to come up with new measures including voice biometrics to curb SIM Swap fraud.

The above complaints, however, should not be taken lightly as in the event that they are true, could potentially pose a serious threat to both subscribers and the entity at large. Hopefully, Safaricom looks at this in-depth and finds a solution, sooner.  

Remember, you are not allowed to share your PIN with anyone, not even Safaricom staff. Also do not dial any codes or undertake any instructions on your phone that you did not request for assistance from Safaricom customer care.”

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