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U.S. Navy Bans TikTok On Mobile Devices, Terms It A Cybersecurity Threat

As popular as it is, TikTok has also had a fair share of ugly bumps like other social media giants. Being the most infamous app which has risen so fast than any other apps before it, the platform has found itself in hot soup several times. Seemingly, things are getting worse as each day passes by.

The US Navy has banned military servicemen from using the app totally. As a result, the servicemen in the Navy are refrained from both using the app and installing it on government-issued mobile devices.

The Navy says that this decision was reached because it considers TikTok as a “cybersecurity threat.”

Specifications of the threat were not provided, but the U.S. military service termed this as a move to “address existing and emerging threats.”

The Navy says violators of the new rule will lose access to the military services’ intranet.

This is just an additional problem facing TikTok after the U.S. began an investigation suspecting that the app – together with its parent company, ByteDance – could be sharing data with the Chinese government.

With the national security review underway, the U.S. army cadets were also directed not to use TikTok while representing the military, citing security-related issues.

TikTok has also been sued previously in a U.S. state for collecting personal data of minors without consent. The company settled the lawsuit , quietly, just a day after it was filed.

Earlier this year, TikTok was also banned in India, but the ban was lifted shortly after. Although the Indian ban was short-lived, it did have some adverse effects on the growth of the app.

The bottom line is, the grounds are getting stricter every day for the Chinese app in the U.S. This conforms to the uneasy relationship between the US and China.

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