Browse more for less with Safaricom’s Tunukiwa Internet Offers

Just recently, Safaricom introduced a new data bundle which was actually some good news for people who spend most of their time online like me.  Dubbed Tunukiwa Internet, the offer is probably the best thing to ever happen to mobile data users especially those that are always on the move. Tunukiwa Internet offers you different packages my favourite one being the 1GB at Ksh.99 valid for 24 hours.

Mobile data in Kenya and other African countries is still expensive and people like me love to see value for the money we’re spending. One of the things I am always worried about is purchasing data that will run out while I am out of the office or the house where there’s no Wifi so Tunukiwa  Internet just came at the right time.

Below is a summary of  Safaricom’s Tunukiwa Internet offers.




75MB Sh 19 1 Hour
Unlimited 4G Sh 100 3 Hours
1GB Sh 69 12 Hours
75MB Sh 25 24 Hours
1GB Sh 99 24 Hours
Unlimited 4G Sh 300 24 Hours
650MB Sh 180 48 Hours
10GB Sh 999 7 Days
3.2GB Sh 1000 7 Days

As I mentioned my favourite bundle is the 1GB at Ksh.99 valid for 24 hours. This basically means you have a whole 24 hours of browsing and playing YouTube videos without worrying about running out of data.

To purchase your preferred Tunukiwa Internet bundle simply press *444#, select option 1 which is Tunukiwa Internet then choose the bundle you want. Safaricom also has other options like Tunukiwa Minutes, Buy Tunukiwa Specials, and Tunukiwa Gifts which we will be telling you about later on.

Safaricom has also added Tunukiwa on My Safaricom App which gives you all the available Tunukiwa Internet bundles. This makes even faster you to purchase the available Tunukiwa offers since all you need is just have the app installed on your phone.

Well, which of these packages are you using. We will be talking about this in our next episode of 24Bit so be sure to follow and subscribe for more details. In the meantime share with us your experiences using Safaricom’s Tunukiwa Internet in the comments section below.

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