Huawei Ships more phones daily than Sony in an Entire Quarter

Yeah, you read it right; Huawei ships more phones on an average day than Sony sold in an entire quarter. That is how big Huawei is, no wonder the company is one of the biggest smartphone sellers around the world.

Sony released its third-quarter results that depict the company is not doing well in its smartphone business. In Q3 19’ Sony has only shipped 600,000 smartphones from July to September – four months. These figures are what Huawei records on an average day, with a total of 200 million smartphones shipped this year.

Sony’s smartphone sales are very shy of the company’s prediction, which was set initially at 5 million devices, but later adjusted to 4 million.

Well, regardless of the adjustment, the company did overestimate its quarterly smartphones – to say the very least. Comparing the figures recorded with the adjusted estimates, Sony only achieved 12% of its goal!

In general, Sony is continuously losing ground in the smartphone business after it recorded a 55% decline in sales in Q2. In Q2 19’ (April-June), the company shipped a total of 900,000 smartphones, at the time, an all-time low in nine years.

The latest earnings depict a decline in the company’s smartphone business, which is getting worse quarter by quarter.

In general, the company recorded an increase in profit, thanks to the high demand for its smartphone image sensors. The company’s image sensor division revenue rose by 59% in Q3.

Sony, in total, netted a total of 279 billion yen ($2.6 billion), which represents a 16% increase in revenue.

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