LG’s ThinQ AI, 5G Technology and SmartThinQTM App Offers Limitless Opportunities

Watching movies gives you the impression that the future of technology is far-fetched, but the reality is it has arrived. LG’s Internet of Things (IoT) is not wasting any chances in ensuring that your life and home is integrated with futuristic technology.

LG has introduced myriad devices that pleasantly surprise us in terms of integration into our smart homes. Life keeps getting better and with the ThinQ Artificial Intelligence (AI), LG smart home appliances are unmatched. 

It isn’t hard to imagine. Picture living in a home that listens to you, one that talks to you and performs tasks for you simply by a command. Now, picture having the control of your world through a voice command or by a swipe of a finger and get want you want to be done at lightning speed?

This is no dream. With LG’s SmartThinQTM app, you can control your smart home from one spot. The application, which is installed on your smartphone allows you to be connected to your smart home virtually all the time whilst giving you the chance to utilize the innovative power of SmartThinQ devices with surreal technology.

With the new 5G technology, LG’s SmartThinQTM app will give you easy control of your appliances in the kitchen including your refrigerators to the TVs, speakers, lights, and air conditioners in the living room as well as the devices in every other space.

Through voice command, you can get your dishwashers, washing machines, music stereos, and more running. It all takes voice command to get these connected devices running.

This has been made possible by LG’s incorporation of other services like Google Assistant on devices like Google Home, and Amazon Echo, which gives you hands-free control of the state-of-the-art appliances in your home.

Sometimes, we all wish we could do more by doing less, and while this may seem like a cliché to some, those with LG’s ThinQ AI devices are living the dream. Who wouldn’t want to get the clothes done while on the go or vacuum a stuffy home shortly before you arrive home with important guests? 

An innovation like the LG ThnQ and the control app SmartThinQ make life worth living. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

The best part of it all is that and with the recent introduction of the 5G network, LG’s AI couldn’t be more practical. The technology will turn your home into the home of the future. 

5G technology is gradually being adopted by several players in the technological industry. However, LG is at the forefront with patented 5G devices which are bound to revolutionize the generic idea of a smart home.

It won’t be long before LG’s ThinQ AI learns all the aspects of your life and behavioral patterns to meet your needs even before you issue a command. The capabilities of the 5G network and connected devices are limitless.

LG’s AI and 5G technology is set to enhance convenience, energy efficiency, and performance. To put things into perspective, look at the LG V50 ThinQ 5G smartphone. It features personalized AI functions that give you the realization that you truly are walking with a real personal assistant.

With increased user convenience, LG has reinforced the phone’s AI to understand and predict your circumstances. For instance, the V50 ThinQ can help you park your car and upon stepping out of it, it ‘nudges’ you to take a picture of the parking location. How do you fancy that? 

With the 5G technology, SmartThinQTM app, ThinQ AI-enabled devices, and the LG V50 ThinQ smartphone, there is no denying that the sky is the limit. You will have utmost control of everything from one spot and accomplish way more than you could ever do physically.

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