Trump Pushes Apple to Make Mac Pro Parts in the US

If you follow US President Donald Trump, you know his ways and what Twitter means to him. Trump on Friday went on Twitter stating that he will not grant Apple any tariff waiver on Mac Pro parts made in China, lobbying the company to make them in the US instead.

As Reuters reports, Trump went ahead stating to journalists hours later at the White House that he wanted Apple to build its plants in the US and highly hopes the company will announce plans to build one in Houston, Texas. This, according to Trump, is the only way for Apple to avoid paying any import taxes.

However, this case scenario is apparently real only for the company, and not the consumers. In the past analysts have stated pushing manufacturing in the US could push the already overpriced Apple products like iPhone Xs Max to cost more than $2000 which makes Trump’s ambitions more of a ‘pipe dream.’

Let’s not talk about how that could translate to Kenyan Shillings since sellers will not use your online currency exchanger to work that out.

For quick estimations though, putting tax and profit in the same pool, you’re looking forward to a more than Ksh 300,000 iPhone Xs Max device.

Apple has not yet responded. However, in the past, the company had bashed rumors on its plans of building three plants in the US in 2017.

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