LG InstaView refrigerator best fit for Kenya’s power fluctuations

Power blackouts in Kenya is something most of us are already used to. Although at times Kenya Power sends out power outage schedules, most of are always caught unawares at times. 

You could be enjoying your favourite movie or following the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations then the power just goes off. In some way, these outages hurt the Kenyan economy badly, because of the massive damages it causes to businesses. Some households have also reported their electronics being damaged because of the frequent outages or power surges.

Power outages can put sensitive electrical equipment at risk. 

Modern electronics like the LG InstaView which we will be talking about in this article however come with several safeguards. LG Electronics’ energy strategy focuses on two key areas: energy efficiency enhancement and reduce greenhouse gas emissions during using and manufacturing.

LG Electronics established a Technology Road Map (TRM) and sets goals for each of its product categories. All of the LG’s products are fully comply with international energy regulations including ErP (Energy-related Products). LGE established internal strategies and targets concerning energy issues to reduce on mode and standby mode power consumption. LG Electronics also helps its customers to lead low carbon lifestyles by measuring the carbon footprint of a product (the total amount of carbon emissions associated with the product’s life cycle) and informing consumers how much GHG is emitted when they use a particular product. Additionally, LG is making efforts to reduce GHG emissions associated with its business operations.

Why is the  LG InstaView fit for Kenya’s power fluctuations?

First, I need to admit that LG is probably one of the most sought-after refrigerator manufacturers in Kenya. Its refrigerators come in different sizes to suit the needs of a small to medium or even large families. 

Based on the reviews I have read online, an LG refrigerator like the LG InstaView is something I would openly spend my money on. 

As I mentioned, power cuts can be a real pain especially if you have lots of cooked and uncooked food in your fridge. LG has however found a way to tackle this issue well with the LG InstaView.  The fridge has been designed to maintain temperatures for up to 2-9 hours after a power. LG also availed its stabilizer-free operation on the refrigerator meaning it now works without a stabilizer.  This also means you don’t need to invest in buying a heavy duty-  anymore. In case of excess voltage fluctuations, the power supply is switched off preventing your LG refrigerator from any harm.

Well, if you weren’t already impressed by this technology, how about a fridge you can control via your mobile? Yes, with the SmartThinkQ app, you can diagnose problems, change the temperature or even have set express freeze so you never run out of ice. This is actually one of my favourite features. 

The InstaView fridge also contains LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor that has revolutionized the core of the refrigerator by providing up to 32% in energy savings through adoption of efficiency engineering mechanisms hence ensuring top-rate durability and optimal temperature control in your fridge to keep foods fresher longer. Because the refrigerators Door-in-Door™ allows you to see inside without opening the door inside you can reduce air loss by upto 41%.

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