Safaricom All In One monthly bundles now comes with free 5GB YouTube access

The Kenyan industry has seen a steep rise in both video and music streaming needs. Thus there has been an opportunity that any mobile provider would have wanted to exploit.

As a matter of fact free YouTube access is not what anyone could expect from Safaricom. However, the company has finally considered giving a free 5GB YouTube access on top of the All in One Monthly bundle subscription data. With Free YouTube Access, one can stream content without deduction from the regular AllInOne bundles up to 5GB.

Safaricom’s All In One monthly bundle was launched back in February this year with its principal focus on giving what every smartphone user needs – A package that covers all the needs of voice, data and SMS. The bundle pricing starts at Ksh 1000 with different customization choices of the bundle to your preference. Other AllInOne monthly bundle package prices include Ksh 2,000, Ksh 3,000, Ksh 5,000, and even Ksh 10,000 each offering different data, voice and data lots.

The Safaricom All in One Monthly bundles bundled with free 5GB data will be the first offer in the country with free YouTube access bundles. Sadly, the offer, which launched today, will only be available till 5th July 2019.

On the launch earlier today, Sylvia Mulinge Safaricom’s Chief Customer Officer further stated that the company had expanded their 4G and 4G+ networks with the rollout of 2000 more base stations across major towns. This gives Safaricom a big network boost citing the company has now over 5000 base stations in the country, thus offering robust, reliable and superfast 4G+ coverage across different towns in the country.

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