Meet LG TONE Platinum SE and LG TONE Ultra SE, LG’s fitness fanatics audio wearables

Are you a fitness fanatic seeking the next generation of audio wearable to keep you company during your sweating hours? Well, LG has the perfect tech gifts for you!

LG has introduced the LG TONE Platinum SE (model HBS-1120) with a dedicated Google Assistant button and LG TONE Ultra SE (model HBS-835S) featuring an external speaker.

The LG TONE platinum SE has more responsive AI system that allows users to activate Google Assistance without saying “OK Google.” The wearable has a combined unit made of an armature and driver mostly used by professional musicians. The unit delivers great bass with clear high frequency music.

For those speaker diehards, the LG TONE Ultra SE is for you as it comes with an external mono speaker and earbuds. This external speaker can enable you to listen to music and make Skype calls.

Both wearables have an inbuilt dual MEMS microphone that guarantees excellent call clarity.

“LG has invested a lot in research and development around wearable technology to ensure we deliver revolutionary audio products to our consumers,” said LG Kenya Assistant Manager Marketing & Corporate Communications, Ms. Maureen Kemunto.

So why bother this about audio wearables? Especially if you never got yourself anything on Valentines LOL.

Well, a recent study by the Business Insider has shown that people who listen to music when they exercise are likely to burn more calories. It seems listening to uplifting beats whether through radio or audio wearables can improve motivation and prevent boredom while exercising.

Experts say that wearable technology that comes in various shapes and sizes offers the next generation of multipurpose smart technology that consumers crave. With larger mobile devices taking priority position in the hand and taking up more space in the bag or pocket, consumers are turning to versatile gadgets that can be worn to enhance convenience and save on precious space.

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