Everything you need to know about the new LG B2B showroom in Nairobi

The experiences brands gain from when they interact with their consumer is key to the success of their business. Most of the time, these businesses end up not recording zero sales simply because they either did not position their brand well or did not give the consumers time to interact and learn a few things about their product.

Some brands are working to rise above the noise and establish relationships with consumers through social media and all other online platforms. Is this enough really? And why should brands think outside the box and establish a more physical interaction with their consumers?

Locally and worldwide, industries are constantly exploring effective and innovative solutions to communicate with their customers and increase retail sales, in a constrained environment.

LG electronics has risen above these trends by not only connecting with consumers through products that resonate with them but also establish a physical connection.

This is evident after the company recently unveiled its B2B showroom in Nairobi.  Located at 14 Riverside, the centre will display the vast array of LG’s leading B2B products and solutions. The new centre will give business owners, integrators and contractors a chance to engage and learn about how LG’s leading line of commercial solutions can contribute to an increased bottom line.

According to Janghoon Chung, LG’s Managing Director for East and Central Africa the new LG B2B showroom aim is to help further the company’s relationships with its customers.

“As a leading technology company, we are committed to giving innovative products and solutions to key customers and partners. The launch of this B2B showroom allows us to not only build and further our relationships with our customers and partners,” he said during the launch.

So why is this showroom so important and why does it give LG Electronics a competitive advantage in the East African market? Well, as a business owner, you need to understand that your customers are the lifeblood of your business and that’s why it is very important that you engage with them. Gone are the days when brand would shove sales pitches down the throat of their customers. Successful brands who engage with their customers understand that customers want to interact with their product and learn something of value. This is what LG is doing with their new Nairobi showroom.

The LG B2B showroom design further sets the scene for customers to enjoy an interactive hands-on experience as well as get an in-depth review of the capabilities that LG products and services hold.

With the new showroom, LG want to further drive the growth of innovation sector in the Country. LG’s partners and retailers can look forward to workshops and training certification programs that will keep them updated on LG’s innovative programs and smart technology.

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